Will Get I.T. Done Web Hosting is on the leading edge, offering greater than 99.9% reliability with our redundant hosting platform. With our complete package, our system detects if the primary server is not responding and automatically redirects your website traffic to a backup within minutes.  Plans start at $12/month.

Will Get I.T. Done is here to help you with your website or web needs.  As your I.T. department we will work closely with you to 

  • Work with your or our graphic artists to produce a logo and design
  • Design and maintain your web site
  • Provide database-driven systems
  • Develop and write content and user interface
  • Update your website as needed or teach you how to update it

Specific platforms or tools we are experienced with:

  • WordPress, Joomla
  • Advanced Access for realtors
  • Google Analytics
  • PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax